Why Choose Us?

Here at Labyrinth, we pride ourselves on our high hygiene standards.

We are registered with the environmental health department with certificates clearly on show.

Our main body piercer is fully First Aid trained as well as trained in paediatric First Aid.

All body jewellery is above the current EU nickel directive suggestions and we carry brands such as Anatometal and Industrial Strength.

Our studio features a HEPA air filter, to ensure you have the safest possible experience.

The main piercing setup is above what is average within the local area, with added extras to ensure we have the best asepsic techniques possible.

All jewellery is in the process of being transferred over to internally threaded, which means your piercing has the best chance at healing and in a quicker time.

We have two female body piercers on site. Denise who has over 16 years experience covering all aspects of body piercing and Katie who has been trained by Denise to a very high standard.

As a studio we follow the UKAPP, to ensure that all of our piercing methods are always current and to the best standards possible.

Both are able to also offer extensive aftercare advice that is customised to the individual and their needs.